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Vladimir Tatlin
«art – must put to life» , « art –must put to technics », «neither to old, nor to new, to necessary »
Ettore Sottsas
«We cannot and should not cling for any preestablished schematization, but, on the contrary, should and are compelled - the reality forces - to be updated constantly »
Gaetano PESCE
« All of us, creative people, should do the world more various and more human. I done not interested with beauty or functionality in the pure state. I vest the projects soul, ability to cause in the person of emotion. I more likely the psychologist, instead of the designer ».
« I think, the future in organic, behind things, friendly to the nature and the person, behind things to which it is possible to come into contact ».

« The irony should be present both at design, and in subjects. I notice in associates of me people professional illness: all is perceived too seriously. One of my secrets that I constantly joke ».

« Designers — happy people. We create the objects not for the sake of glory that is why that we concern to a life with huge curiosity ».

« Think of the contents which you want to enclose in a created subject, and only then the form will come. The thing will have spirit. And spirit, as against the form to copy difficultly ».
« The leg of a chair is a little sister of an architectural column ».

 « It is more, than process of design, I am interested with inventions, engineering and marketing … I think, that the good designer is the one who manages to unit all elements: understanding of materials and belief in increase of functionality. Then reduction the form if it will be necessary, becomes result of all these experiments … »